Ellereve, alias of Bavarian singer-songwriter Elisa Giulia Teschner, blooms amongst the woods and mountains surrounding Munich. Here, the talented artist developed her truly distinctive style in form of intense dark-pop songs rich of emotional urgency and longing.

After the release of her debut EP “Heart murmurs” and several single releases over the last two years, the sound of Ellereve evolved in a powerful fashion, with the new material blending electronic music elements into organic composition – which she has also performed on stages like Rockhouse Salzburg, KAPU Linz, Merlin Stuttgart, the sound of munich now festival, Stella Nomine Festival and others in recent months. .

“My songs are still mostly written late at night, in my living room, when a melody on guitar or synth inspires me to develop something. But before hitting the studio, I finalize the songs in the rehearsal room with the live band .” The result of the transformative explorative experience is a true ode to heart-treading melancholy, undoubtedly the music of Ellereve unveils the unique, strong personality of its architect, stunningly portrayed through a delightful confluence of atmospheric synths, deep basses, reverb-laden and distorted guitars and dynamic drums. The recurring themes of existentialist disquiet come together revealing the introvert nature of the artist, who is a curious sound researcher moving through captivating and magical soundscapes. For 2023 the artist announced her first album.


18 august | stella nomine festival | torgau

15 august | support THE SLOW SHOW | strom | munich

30 july | support SHORES OF NULL | rockhouse | salzburg

19 april | support ULTHA | livestage | innsbruck

25 march | heppel + ettlich | munich

17 march | merlin | stuttgart

05 march | kapu  | linz


18 nov | sound of munich now festival | munich