Ellereve, alias of Bavarian singer-songwriter Elisa Giulia Teschner, blooms amongst the woods and mountains surrounding Munich. Here, the talented artist developed her truly distinctive style in form of intense dark-pop songs rich of emotional urgency and longing.

Formerly frontwoman and mastermind of the dark-pop act VARO, Teschner brought her beautiful art on important independent stages like Feierwerk, E-Werk and Milla Club amongst others. Shortly after, Teschner dived into her new journey as a solo artist as an affirmingly freeing experience, and found herself expressing so powerfully outside of the band form.

The result of this transformative explorative experience can be heard in Ellereve’s touching and heartbreakingly beautiful debut EP “Heart Murmurs”, a genuine manifesto of Teschner’s haunting poetry and charming self, recorded with the aid of collaborator & producer 7Apes. A true ode to heart-treading melancholy, undoubtedly the EP unveils the unique, strong personality of its architect, stunningly portrayed through a delightful confluence of electronic beats, atmospheric synthesis and reverb-laden guitars. The recurring themes of existentialist disquiet come together revealing the introvert nature of the artist, who is a curious sound researcher moving through captivating and magical soundscapes. In 2021, Teschner gained as Ellereve immediate attention, and is part of the festival Sound Of Munich Now.